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The Oracle is a special account with extended permissions. Technically, permissions are implemented at the level of access to operations - there are a number of operations that only oracles can perform. The specific list of operations depends on the type of oracle. For example, only a "rights holder oracle" may submit an operation to bind a content identifier to a rights holder.

Each oracle is represented by a separate business entity that can play such a role (for example a law firm), the valid URL of the website of such entity is mandatory and stores in the 'home domain' field of its account.

Adding and removing oracles

Adding and removing oracles is done solely by vote of the XAS holders.

The list of oracles is stored in the system settings.

Oracle Types

Right Holders Oracle

This oracle has the authority to bind the content identifier to the copyright holder (operation Add Rights Holder).

Broadcasting Rights Oracle

This oracle has the authority to register a contract with the rights for broadcasting in the Ace Network (operation Add Broadcasting Rights Contract).