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Risk Assessment

Reliability of the Ace Stream DAO project

Ace Stream is not just another loud declarations and promises of a startup that does not have a long history of development, ready-made products and its own audience.

Ace Stream is an international project created with the participation and financial support of the European Union with a 10-year history of development, the possibilities of which have already attracted over 30 million active users and ensured an organic interest in the project's products at the level of 50 thousand new installations of Ace Stream software per day.

For many years in a row we have developed and sharpen our decentralised online broadcasting technology with tens of millions of users in order to provide the world with a drastically new and efficient solution.

The Ace Stream protocol has become the world's most popular decentralised P2P solution for operating live broadcasts on the Internet!

All the most complex technological components have already been developed!

As a result, all the initial work on the release of products into production will be focused on the high-quality integration of existing products with each other and adding additional functionality to them, as well as creating new products that do not have technological difficulties in implementation.

Minimal risk in reaching target audience coverage

Ace Stream DAO is based on the popular Ace Stream project with an initial focus on distributing new products to its own multi-million audience.

At the same time, it is important to consider that Ace Stream products have been installed by over 100 million unique users! However, retention was only 30% (about 30 million active users).

The good news is that we know the reason for bad retention and what needs to be done.

Question: why 70% of users who downloaded Ace Stream software are lost?

Answer: everything that was offered before the release of Ace Stream DAO was very difficult for casual users.

The main audience of Ace Stream software products is advanced Internet users (geeks). Of course, at the stage of creating and testing the technology this was a huge advantage, since thanks to such an audience we were able to receive the activity and high-quality feedback necessary for development. But at a certain stage of development the problem of audience retention has become urgent and more than relevant.

The reason for the indicated problem is that Ace Stream software products do not contain any content and to use these products you need to have certain knowledge that allows you to install and configure not one, but a whole range of individual products (which basically only geeks can do).

For example, one of the options is that in order to find a high-quality and stable broadcast, the user needs to install one of the applications Ace Stream, then install the browser extension Ace Script and then also install a special script P2P Search. And in order to still properly catalog on the device you also need to separately install some convenient cataloger and as a rule from third-party developers (supporting Ace Stream technologies), since at the moment the only official Ace Stream application that allows you to conveniently catalog and view content is the Ace Stream LiveTV application (which is intended only for cataloging TV channels, and so far is only released for TV and set-top boxes running on the Android OS). Well, how do you like this action game ?!

And taking into account the fact that Ace Stream has not officially provided instructions for such an action yet, and the products are separate (many Ace Stream users do not even know about the existence of such an extension and script), some may even be surprised and misunderstood how Ace Stream in this situation (state of affairs) was able to recruit such an audience at all, and even without any marketing costs !?

There is a pros of this problem:

a. The most advanced Internet users (geeks - "engines of progress") appreciated the capabilities and advantages of Ace Stream technologies and also identified usability drawbacks.

b. The relevance of Ace Stream technologies and the great interest of Internet users in the project's products are confirmed by the organic reach of the audience with an indicator of 100 million unique users who have installed applications, 30 million active users and about 50,000 new installations of applications per day. And all this at the stage of implementation of only the most basic applications and functions and without any marketing/advertising costs and any programs for encouraging and financial simulation of Internet users!

We just do what many people need and what has no analogues in the world so that is the fundamental basis of Ace Stream and the only marketing tool that served to develop the first stage of the project and ensured the existing audience reach

The new basic (anchor) applications that will be implemented as part of the Ace Stream DAO project are convenient and intuitive for the average Internet user, thereby solving the problem of audience retention.

Basic Ace Stream DAO apps:

  • Ace Media + P2P Search - local media server with a decentralised system for publishing and searching for content and with the ability to catalog and synchronise it between any user applications and with the function of playing content on remote devices and TV, via communication protocols Ace Cast, AirPlay, Google Cast, etc.
  • Ace Surf - multimedia browser
  • Ace Stream LiveTV - aggregator of all TV channels and live broadcasts in one convenient TV interface;
  • Ace Movies&Series - aggregator/cataloger of films and TV series with the autosearch function content on the network
  • Ace Music&Karaoke - aggregator/cataloger of music with karaoke function and autosearch of content on the Web
  • Ace Sports -aggregator of sports broadcasts with a schedule and results
  • Ace Tube- decentralised analog of YouTube
  • Ace Game - decentralised analog of Twitch

Development programs aimed at ensuring active growth of the network audience Ace Network:

  1. Standard (industrial) kit of marketing tools

    A budget for marketing programs is 5 billions XAB

  2. Decentralised system of stimulation and motivation

    Автоматическое вознаграждение пользователей и партнеров Сети:

    • for providing the Network with its hardware and network resources;
    • for posting and distribution of high quality content;
    • for developing and creating your own apps and services;
    • for distribution Ace Stream DAO apps» (for apps dev, OEMs)
    • for content moderation in the Network
    • for viewing ads
    • for taking part in DeFi

Minimising the risk of removing products from any app markets

Ace Stream technologies and products are absolutely legal and operate in full compliance with the DMCA terms (more details in the section "DMCA Compliance")! In doing so, we take into account the risk of dependence on third parties.

The risk of "dependence on third parties" means the need to place applications in markets owned by third-party companies and acting within the framework of their interests, which on the basis of their own policies independently decide which application to be in the market and which not, regardless of how legal. Market owners act in the interests of their own companies and very often use their monopoly position to prevent the placement of applications in their market that will compete with the products and services of the market owner. This is undoubtedly a significant drawback, but such is the market and all projects that create applications for Android and iOS are exposed to this risk. At the same time, this must be taken into account in order to initially build the correct strategy, in which this risk and possible losses in the event of a risky event will be minimised.

Diversification strategy of the designated risk in the Ace Stream DAO project:

  • Absolutely separate (independent, isolated) applications are created and are interconnected only at the level of well-thought-out software integrations (via API, with user-friendly usability).

  • Placement of applications will be carried out in all kinds of markets, including the decentralised application market.

  • Users will initially be offered to do direct installation of applications or installation through a decentralised application market, without using centralised markets. There is a system for motivating users for such installations in the form of additional functionality in applications and various bonuses.

  • A convenient system of updates for applications not installed from markets has been implemented.

DeFi program reliability and payment guarantee

Ace Stream DAO and DeFi programs work in decentralised network with open source and transparent economy which is based on programs algorithms given in public smart contracts (open source codes) with complete decentralisation of regulation of relations, economic mechanisms and mutual settlements between its Participants. Ace Stream DAO rules are followed by the protocol itself (program code), node operators and social consensus of its Users/Participants.

The distribution of funds and payments are carried out in a decentralised manner and in an automatic mode, in accordance with the terms of a smart contract without any possibilities of manual control and interference in the operation of the system.