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Crypto Assets and Fees

System token XAT

100,000,000,000 XAT to be distributed among DeFi Ace Assets program participants by the terms of the system smart contracts

Below are the services for which fees are charged to the Ace Network, with subsequent distribution to "Ace Assets" DeFi Program members

1. P2P CDN/VPN/Proxy

Network fee for P2P CDN services - 10% of the traffic cost

Brief explanation: Ace Network's effectiveness is based on an economic model in which Network users are rewarded for providing the Network with their resources (hardware, network, etc.), and also pay for the resources they consume. This is based on a decentralized traffic accounting system, with the automatic settlement

For example

With an audience of 100 million users and average traffic consumption by one user at 10GB per day (which corresponds to 2 hours of watching a video, in relatively good HD quality), the Network's fee will be $365 million per year

2. Premium Pool

Fee for distribution the content in the Network with Premium Pool service:

System pool - 30% of the content access price

Commercial broadcasts and private/individual pools - 10% of the plan + a one-time fixed fee when activating the Premium Pool service.

Assumed level of audience engagement - 30% of all users

Forecast ARPPU per month - $5

A Forecasted Network revenue from the service Premium Pool - 1,8 billion dollars a year (when reaching the goal of 100 million monthly active users).

3. Decentralized prediction market, Ace Bet

System commission - 10% of the every bid.

The anticipated level of audience engagement is 4.5% of the user base.

Forecast ARPPU per month - from $20 to $50

Forecast Network revenue from the Ace Bet service - from $1.08 billion up to $2.7 billion a year (if you reach the goal of 100 million active users per month)

4. Advertising sites

Fee for publishing ads in the Network - 30% of the cost of the publishing

Advertising inventory and its cost:

  • Search ads

    Projected annual advertising inventory if the goal of 100 million monthly active users of the Ace Search app is reached, for 2023 - $3.74 billion.

  • TV ads

The average number of advertising displays per user - 6841 per year

The cost of a commercial reel, CPM (price per 1,000 contacts): in Russia - $2, in Eastern Europe - $4, in North America - $29, and the global average - $20. (according to data from "Initiative" agency, a member of the ADV group)

The projected annual advertising inventory - 684,101,250,000 ad views, with a total value of 1.36 billion $ (CPT $ 2) to 13.68 billion $ (CPT $ 20), depending on the distribution of the audience in the regions.

  • In-stream video ads

The average number of ad impressions per user - 1,314 per year.

The projected annual volume of advertising inventory, when reaching the goal of 100 million users of the Ace Surf browser, as well as other basic DAO Ace Stream products - 131,400,000,000 displays, worth $ 657 million, with an average CPM of $ 5.

  • Other advertising formats, such as "branding," "notifications," and "ads in system notifications"**

The average number of ad impressions per user - 1500 per year

Forecasted annual advertising inventory - 150 billion impressions, the total value of $450 million at an average CPM of $3

The projected income from advertising in all formats is from $1,862,100,000 to $5,558,100,000 per year (when fully filled advertising slots and reaching the goal of 100 million monthly active users, depending on the distribution of the audience in the regions).


5. Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs, by destination:

  • Goods
  • Services
  • Travel
  • Sports Events
  • Exchanges
  • Games/Entertainment

The estimated level of audience engagement - 35% of user base

Approximate ARPPU (Average revenue per paying user) per month, if affiliate programs are connected - from $5 to $10.

Forecast revenue of the Network from affiliate programs - from $2.1 to $4.2 billion a year (if 100% of filling affiliate programs and reaching the goal of 100 million monthly active users).